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Haircut - $23 ($20 for kids 12 and under)

Despite all of the amenities, haircuts are our number one priority. You can be confident that every time you leave Buffalo Trim, you will be leaving with the best and most thorough haircut possible. Our stylists will walk you through a consultation to ensure they know exactly what you want. Whether you are 70 or 7 years old, we promise that you will be satisfied with your experience.

Invigorating Shampoo - $3

This is an absolute must have. We use an AG Peppermint Wash as well as an AG Stimulating Balm conditioner which will leave your scalp feeling both clean and refreshed. The combination of the AG Peppermint Wash and conditioner provide a tingly sensation that cannot be matched by any other product on the market. Sit back, relax and try an invigorating shampoo after your next haircut and we promise that you won't be let down. 



Hot Lather Neck Shave - $3

​This has become an essential part of the Buffalo Trim experience and the majority of clients get the Hot Lather Neck Shave every time they come in. We start out with a massage on the back of the neck with a hot towel. Next, the stylist will apply a generous amount of hot lather. Lastly, the lather and underlying hair is removed with a straight razor to ensure the cleanest and closest shave possible.


Facial Hair Trimming - $10

We understand that a lot of people lead busy lives and some need to take care of all of their grooming needs at one time. No matter what kind of facial hair you have, we can trim it up, shape it up, or shave it off.

Eyebrow Waxing - $10

Usually the only place to get any waxing done is at your typical hair salon which caters to men and women. It's not unusual for men to be hesitant to ask for an eyebrow wax. We created the perfect environment for guys to feel comfortable asking for any service. Don't worry, it doesn't hurt and you will be extremely glad that you gave it a try.

Grey Blending - $27

Nothing shows your age more than grey hairs starting to show up in your beard and on top of your head. Let us make you look younger with a Grey Blending treatment. The process only takes about 20 minutes and it will make you look and feel younger again. The grey is blended out and will be the same color of your natural hair. Your whole head of hair will not change colors (that's coloring your hair).


Try one of our Packaged Deals!

The Workin' Man - $27

This is by far our most popular package. It includes a haircut, invigorating shampoo and hot lather neck shave. This package includes all three essentials for only $26. 

The Chairman - $34

The chairman is one step up from the Workin' Man Package. This package will run you $29 and includes everything to fulfill all of your grooming needs. You'll get a haircut, invigorating shampoo, hot lather neck shave and either a eyebrow wax or a beard trim.

The Presidential - $49

This package is the top of the line and makes an excellent gift idea. You will get just about everything we offer with this one. It includes a haircut, invigorating shampoo, hot lather neck shave, choice of an eyebrow wax or beard trim and your choice from a wide range of products. 

The Silver Fox  - $49

Tired of those noticeable grey hairs starting to poke through? Then give this package a try. You'll start with a haircut and hot lather neck shave, followed by a treatment of our  American Crew grey blending product. This product will not color all of your hair, instead it will simply get rid of and blend the grey hairs away. The blending will only take 5 minutes of your time too!

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